Top 3 Car Loans for Bad Credit

Written By : Josh Jones on January 30, 2019

Bad Credit ConsumersThe stepping stone to applying to any kind of car loan (which include loans with bad credit), is to determine whether you need or want a car. Auto financing loans are protected loans, which mean that the car you buy serves as collateral.

This is so because the money lenders and other financial institutions need to know the condition and qualified value of the car that a client wishes to buy; this is also to ensure that there will be a possible way to retrieve the cash if a client cannot repay the loan amount.

How to Apply with Car Loans with Low/Bad Credit:

Having said that, here’s how to get a second chance car loan with bad credit:

1. If a car buyer is yet to choose a car and simply want to canvas for the price range, many money lenders will offer pre-auto financing qualifications.

With this process, they commonly use soft credit inquiries to determine whether a car buyer has a good credit history or not.that, they provide you with the estimates of the size of the car loan offers.

Although pre-auto financing qualifications do not guarantee a specific loan amount, it is a great way to gauge clients’ financing options.

2. Once you have chosen a car, you are required to fill out a credit application to get quotes and agree on the loan term. If you are transacting on an online money lending platform to find the right lender for you, this step can be done in just a matter of minutes.

Most money lenders ask for personal information, such as your complete address and proof of income. Clients are also required to provide the specifications of their desired car, which includes the model, make, and year; in line with this, there are two types of money lenders in the auto financing market – the bank lender, who is from banks (hence the name) and credit unions that directly finance loans; dealer- lenders on the other hand, are car dealers that finance car loan from their own place.

Either way, dealers may finance loan directly or in partnership with a 3rd party bank to provide financing options.

3. Once you have obtained the quotes, you must compare the loan term. The interest rate, as well as the annual percentage rates, will depend on a client’s client rating.

This will also be influenced by the life of the loan (how long the loan term will be). In line with this, a client’s monthly payments end up being the product of the interest rate and the life of the loan.

While it is deceiving to grab a car loan with the lowest monthly payments, even if it means that the loan would only last for 5-6 years, this may not always be the best option.

Each added month you take to repay your bad credit auto loan results to higher interest rates, and each payment adds to the total loan amount.

How to get a Second Chance Car Loan for Bad Credit

Nationwide Auto Finance car leaseSome money lenders do offer a 2nd chance to clients with poor credit. The higher interest rates mean that these loans with bad credit are profitable.

Having said that, make sure that you shop around for the best loan term to improve the FICO score (credit score that is computed by the Fair Isaac Corporation).

The more your credit reports improve, the better the financing options, the more you will save on the interest rate.

While it is easier said than done, all you have to do is use your credit card responsibly to have a good credit rating.

Here’s the Best Places to get Car Loans for Bad Credit:

When you start your search for the best car loans for bad credit, you have to pay attention to the loan term and conditions. We have narrowed down everything you need to know as you buy a car.

With that being said, here are the best places to get car loans for bad credit:

1. Auto Credit Express

This is by far the best bad credit auto loan to date. Its dealer-lenders have closed to a billion dollar profit in loans with bad credit.

Auto Credit Express What makes this the best car loan for bad credit is it specializes in the repossession of automobiles, bankruptcy, no credit, and bad credit auto loan. hassle-free 30-second pre-qualification for car buyers with poor credit.

2. Car.Loan.Com

This may be second but it boasts its free, same-day approval, and no-obligation application for buyers with bad credit history.

This bad credit auto loan specializes in loans with bad credit, car loans for bankruptcy, first-time car buyers, and subprime lenders. connects thousands of car buyers per day with auto financing.


This offer loans with bad credit, brand new, second hand, and refinancing. It comprises a national network of money lenders. car buyers can get up to more than five offers in just a matter of minutes. Plus, all clients will receive an online car loaning certificate or bank check within 24 hours.

In the final analysis, car buyers must always be aware of how many credit card applications that they have filled out.

This is because every action you take affects your credit rating, there are actually negative impacts from repeated queries.

You can simply rest while you rate for your car loan shopping. Just make sure that you have provided your quotes and FICO score.