About Us

Written By : Josh Jones on February 8, 2019

Our Mission

Getting access to credit to purchase a car is still difficult even though there are several options available. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the right option is the huge collection of auto loan lenders. That is why we have put all the reputable lenders together. Our mission is to make it easier for borrowers to access auto loans at the lowest rates.

How It Works

CompariLoan.com is a lender that focuses on borrowers who want to get car loans. We make it easy for everyone to get a car loan. You will have your loan application approved in minutes and you will be a happy car owner in no time. We are not direct lenders, we work with reputable third-party lenders including Carmax, LendingTree, and Cars.com.

We can help you to get your dream car in three easy steps. Apply online and get pre-approved in minutes. Once you are pre-approved, you can download our approval documents and then start shopping for rates. You can proceed to negotiate with the dealers you choose and then finally settle on a dealer.

We do not only offer auto loans; we can also help you to refinance your auto loan. CompariLoan.com has several tools to make your loan application easier. Our repayment calculator can help you to know your repayment options even before you find the car.

At CompariLoan.com, we make privacy a top priority. The website is secured with encrypted technology, hence, your information is safe with us. The good thing is that CompariLoan.com is free to use.