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Japan Securities Finance: Launches the margin loan management business for Osaka Digital Exchange’s Proprietary Trading System (PTS).

June 6, 2022

To whom it May concern

Company: Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd.

Executive Representative and Chairman: Shigeki Kushida (Code No. 8511, TSE Prime)

Contact: Kentaro Hibi, Managing Director, Office of Corporate Governance

(Email: [email protected])

Japan Securities Finance launches margin loan management business for Osaka Digital Exchange’s Proprietary Trading System (PTS).

In response to the launch of standardized margin trading on the PTS of Osaka Digital Exchange Co., Ltd. From June 27, 2022 (Monday), Japan Securities Finance has decided to start managing ODX’s Proprietary Trading System (PTS) margin lending business from the same date. The Company is committed to contributing to the smooth distribution of securities and the formation of fair prices as well as the development of the securities market through the implementation of the margin lending activity of ODX for PTS.

Please note that the impact of these transactions on the Company’s business performance is expected to be negligible.

Please contact your securities company for the processing of standardized margin transactions on PTS.


Japan Securities Finance Co., Ltd. (JSF) is the only securities finance company in Japan incorporated in 1950 with a license under the Financial Instruments and Exchanges Act. Its main activity is the provision of funds and securities to securities companies for the settlement of standardized margin transactions in accordance with the aforementioned law, as well as the provision of securities lending and financing. As an institution specializing in securities financing, JSF, aware of this public role, has the mission of contributing to the development of the securities market by responding proactively to the diversified needs of stock market and financial circles and by energizing the long-term interests of securities market participants. JSF’s credit rating is AA- by Rating and Investment Information, Inc. and Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd., and A by S&P Global Ratings. JSF shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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This is the English translation of the document originally written in Japanese for non-Japanese convenience. Although Japan Securities Finance intends to faithfully translate documents written in Japanese into the English version, the accuracy and correctness of the translation is not guaranteed, so we encourage you to refer to the original Japanese version of the document .

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