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Mint Bridging Launches Loan Products | News from the North-West offers

Sinead Moynihan

Short-term real estate finance specialist Mint Bridging has launched two products for the real estate development market with the aim of helping businesses amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The first is for those looking to move plans forward and get workers back to the site safely.

Dubbed the New Development Product, it is based on a program of up to four houses with a loan value of up to £ 750,000.

The second is for people affected by construction delays or unable to unload their premises due to the constantly changing market, with the Development Exit Loan available for those seeking loans up to a value of 750,000. £ based on a maximum program of six houses.

Sinead Moynihan, Sales Manager at Mint Bridging, said: “We have, like others in the market, so far only offered new bridging loan products, with Covid-19 in mind.

“However, we noticed a gap in the market for development specific products and knew there was a need to expand our product portfolio with development loans to match the needs of our brokers and borrowers during these difficult times. “

Joel White, Managing Director of Ramsay & White, added: “The launch of Mint’s new products is a welcome step in getting the economy back on track and Britain rebuilding itself.

“We know it’s tough out there, but products like this are making a real difference in people’s lives and livelihoods, especially at a time when many are returning to work as the lockdown begins. loosen up and a certain normalcy is restored. “

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